I weighed 150 pounds when I met my husband in 2006. When I went for my first OB appointment in February of 2009 after learning that I was pregnant, I was informed that I weighed 190. I had no idea that I had gained 40 pounds in 3 years because I knew that I was gaining weight but I refused to step on a scale. YIKES!

During the pregnancy with my son I gained 39 pounds, which put me at 229.  I lost 29 of those pounds after having him but could never get below 200.  I somehow managed to gain another 10 pounds between November 2009 and January 2011.  When I went to my OB appointment with my daughter I was informed that I weighed 210. Insert freak out!

Now, here's the wild part....I gained 19 pounds with my daughter, which also put me at 229. The same weight I ended at with my son. My son and daughter were also born on the first Monday night of their birth month, Aiden at 11:10 pm and Zoey at 10:59 pm. How wild is that?!?

Within two months after Zoey's birth (at my six week check up) I had lost 29 pounds. The doctor said "You weigh less than you did when you came in for your first appointment? That's great! How did you do that?" My response was "I didn't feel like eating much of anything the first few weeks and then when I started to eat more, I started watching my calories. I'm limiting myself to 1200-1500 per day."

I continued to lose the weight by sticking to my strict calorie counting regimen. A total loss of 47 pounds put me at 182 pounds by April 2012. I began staying home with Aiden and Zoey and found myself gaining weight back because I was 'boredom' eating.  By June 2012, I had found 10 of those 47 pounds that I had lost.  

I discovered Appetite Control Energy (ACE) via Facebook. I kept seeing testimonials and photos of people who had lost anywhere from 10-100 pounds. I decided to give it a try. I am SO glad that I did. It has changed my life!  I started taking the product in June and by the first week of July, I had signed up to sell the product. That's how much I love and believe in this product! I have lost a total of 23 pounds and 8 inches in the waist since I started taking ACE. Not only has it helped with the weight loss, but I have not had near the pain in my neck and shoulders or the sinus pain that I was constantly living with every single day. I call ACE my 'miracle pill'. It has given me my life back!

What is ACE?  Appetite Control and Energy dietary supplement is a synergistic blend of ingredients including Dark Cocoa and Natural Caffeine, plus additional key ingredients. One or two capsules will turn off your hunger switch and kick you into gear! With Natural ACE you reduce your appetite, eat less and be energized throughout the day. The combination of reduced caloric intake as well as increased energy and activity leads to successful weight loss!

Visit my site at https://www.facebook.com/AppetiteControlEnergyACE to learn more about ACE or email me at thesahmdiary@gmail.com for more information!
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