Friday, May 25, 2012

Five Question Friday

1. Are you a napper?
I absolutely LOVE naps. Just woke up from one as a matter of fact. Both kids were super grumpy all day and fighting naps. They finally went to sleep around 3. I'm sure I'll pay for the late nap come bedtime.

2. What was your favorite subject in school? Most hated?
My favorite was English and my least favorite was Math.

3. Did you have the something old new borrowed and blue at your wedding? What were they?
I had my grandmother's handkerchief for old, new and blue was my garter, and something borrowed was my mother's ring.

4. What one thing are you determined to do this summer?
Spend a lot of time at Dollywood!

5. Ice cream or Popsicles?
Definitely ice cream. I do love a good bowl of cookies and cream.
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  1. 1. Yes Naps are a must especially with the baby!
    2. Fav was JROTC and PE least fav was drama (it was fun but I'm not one for the spotlight)
    3. Yep, a necklace my hubby got me, new dress, borrow hair clip, and blue was a sapphire ring and garter. :)
    4. Enjoy the beach with the kids as much as possible!
    5. Ice Cream!!! (I worked at Baskin Robbins when I was younger... Oh the joys of daily free scoops!)


  2. hey girl. found you on the blog hop, thought i'd hop by and say hello =) i loved english, hated math too =) guess thats why we are bloggers ;)

  3. Hi! :)
    New follower from the blog hop til you drop! I have a little guy named Aiden too! :) Ugh, I absolutely HATED math in high school! I even skipped out on the exam my senior year (something I never tell my kids, LOL).
    Going to Dollywood is on my bucket list!

    Come visit me over at

    xo -S