Monday, May 28, 2012

Panini & Quesadilla Recipes?

I need panini and quesadilla recipes!! What are your favorites?

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I received this GE 4-in-1 Grill for Christmas and have yet to put it to use. In my defense, it got put in the closet while cleaning up the Christmas decorations and I forgot about it.
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And today I scored this awesome quesadilla maker for only $12 (half price) at Sears. I also managed to snag a gorgeous 16 piece set of drinking glasses for only $9.

So bring on the recipes or please point me in the direction of your favorites. I'm headed to Pinterest now...
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  1. I just made the best vegetarian quesadillas the other night. I took spinach, zucchini, Cherry tomatoes, red and green peppers and some garlic with olive oil in a pan and just heated it all up till the spinach was wilted. Then I added a teaspoon of sour cream. Then I put the tortilla in a pan sprayed with pam and some cheese on top then put the veggie mixed with sour cream on top then added more cheese and another tortilla on top of that. So delicious!!