Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happy 10/11/12!

I have a thing for numbers and today happens to be 10/11/12! What better day to return to blogging than that? I kind of got sidetracked with blogging when I started selling Appetite Control Energy (ACE). I put all of my energy and focus into the learning more about the company's products and policies and left little time for much else.

In doing so, I also abandoned my duties at Lil' Cutie Pies modeling services. My duties were to update the website and comp cards and post on the Facebook page by answering questions, etc. The owner of the modeling referral service recently handed the entire business over to me so the last few days I have been working on getting things back in order and returning it to the company that it used to be.

I will try my best to blog as much as possible now that I am finally settling back into a routine. Hope you didn't miss me too much!
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