Thursday, June 7, 2012

Not My Idea of Fun!

Pushing a massive grocery cart with a kids car attached to the front (filled with a 30 lb kicking and screaming passenger) and carrying an 18 lb whining and wiggling baby, all while trying to grocery shop using coupons? Not my idea of fun.

It didn't help that I received many stares and looks of disgust. How dare I bring two kids into a grocery store to do my grocery shopping. Heaven forbid I might be in your way for more than a few seconds.  We have to eat too. So, how did I react to those stares? I just smiled big enough to kill them with kindness. Made me feel better...

However, I got some great deals!! I spent $54 (saved $20 with coupons and store card specials). I brought home 41 items for an average of $1.31 per product. Yay me!
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  1. Babies + grocery store = tough! :p And of course no fun at all! It seems like they'll be behaving (Aiden) or asleep (Anderson) and the minute we step inside the grocery store, something goes off in their little minds like, "scream right now, and reach for everything!!!" (Aiden) or "wake up, squirm in my carseat, cry" (Anderson). LOL


    Glad you found some GREAT deals!

    xoxo Shar

  2. Hi!! Stopping by to say yay! glad you are joining us in the Bloggy Olympics!!

  3. GIRL I TOTALLY GET IT!!!! I have a two year old daughter and we are also caregivers for a 22 year old with Autism who lives with us full time and when I have to take them both to the store with my GIANT binder of coupons (yup I am that couponer too) I get stares and looks and blah blah blah, especially when I am in line with a stack of coupons. Sometimes I welcome people to try me becuase I have used up all my sweet and nice saying "Avery please sit down" and "Scott please stay with me" in my good mom voice 230572345 times and by check out I need the atagirl a giant savings total gives me! Please excuse my rant, just wanted you to know you are not alone. Thanks for sharing and I am a new follower!
    Hope you are having a great Monday!